Membership Categories
Executive Law Enforcement:  
A current Chief of Police of a municipal police department in Essex County or any other Parallel Police Executive, or the Chief Executive of any Federal or State Law Enforcement Agency whose jurisdiction is within the County of Essex. 
A Parallel Police Executive is an individual who has direct supervision of a municipal police department, where that individual is the equivalent of a Chief of Police in terms of day to day operating responsibilities, authority and reporting relationship of sworn personnel, but where there is no position of Chief of Police in that department. 
It also includes Chiefs of Police of railroad systems, the Chief of Police or Police Director of colleges or universities where there is a certified police force pursuant to New Jersey statute, the Director of the Essex County College Public Safety Academy, Chiefs of Police of airports and seaports, the Sheriff of Essex County and the Police Director of the Newark Police Department.
Retired Chief of Police:  Any Law Enforcement Executive Member who shall retire from their position as Chief of Police or its equivalent on pension as provided in the various State Pension Acts.
Associate Member:  Any person who by reason of training and experience in police or other law enforcement activity, by other professional attainments in police science or administration, or who is in a managerial position in private security shall be eligible for Associate Membership. Applicants who are current members of a police agency must be endorsed by their Chief or agency administrator.
Supporting Member: Any person who is not eligible to be a Law Enforcement Executive, Retired or Associate Member, but who is interested in advancing and improving the police profession may become a Supporting Member. 
Each applicant must be endorsed by a Law Enforcement Executive member in good standing and the Chief of the municipality where the supporting member resides or works.
Membership applications for each category can be found on the Resources Page page.